This is my amateur hi-fi photo blog. I love taking photos to my cats, animals, landscapes, nature and to my guitar/bass gear also..




Misho, my 3-color male cat

These cats bring a lot of magic and fun to our family, thank you for following these adventures! We expect more the next year #2017

Happy Friday

Good morning! Wake up

Loving Mina

Ayla, beautiful

Misho, a few months back

Good Morning

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Lovely Ayla

The first time we saw Misho, we rescued him from an abandoned house

Ayla, the queen of the boxes

Can we go out please???

The best way to start a Sunday

Good Morning! Wake up

Ayla during her bath

Misho sleeping

What are you looking for!? Go away

Good morning! Wake up

Hi Mr. Misho

Ayla impressed

Waiting for that bird

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Good morning

Ayla very happy with her new box

Ayla loves the cardboard boxes

Mina taking my chair

Mina always alert



Mina, a few months back

Good morning

Ayla sleeping

Black Paw

At last! They became friends

Something is moving outside

Ayla says hi

Ayla in the afternoon


What I’ve done????

Our new family member! She is Ayla

@minacatmx She loves her box @cats_of_instagram @the.dailykitten @cutecatskittens

@minacatmx Anyone said tuna?

@minacatmx Welcome to our house! (10 mo. ago) /

Follow my cat’s instagram @minacatmx Feels so good

@minacatmx Mina deeply sleeping

I can’t wake up

Good morning



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